Friday, 22 January 2010


Rick Owens aw10 show was today at 13.00 hrs in the beautiful building of Ecole Nationale de Beaux Arts.
The ambience started out quite light and gradually became darker - moving to the changing pace of a remixed “Through The Looking Glass” by Mott The Hoople ( according the my iphone’s Shazam that finally came to perfect use ).
The collection was heavy and very clean cut - almost stiff but still with a clear signature.
Medieval influences was seen in blacksmith like aprons and heavy arm length “gloves”.
The collection was definately a change - a change that could be seen as a commercial move by some, because of the cleaner lines, but I actually felt the opposite as it in many was was daring when you think of the “ regular” Rick Owens signature look that is mostly more grungy and layered.
A nice change I believe... like taking a deep breath and straightening the back for a moment.

On a paprazzi note: Kanye West and Amber Rose was spotted front row hiding behind their shades...

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