Friday, 22 January 2010


The Julius aw10 show was held yesterday evening at Garage Turenne - a hidden garage complex in the Marais with a very industrial feel to it. With the invitation I got a newspaper style background info folder about Gotik ( in german no less...) - the show abtly titled Goth_ik;

The show went on to a pumping hard industrial techno beat and the models were asked to stomp very fast down the runway leaving the audience holding their breath ( at least i did) because of the intense effect it had.
The feel of the show was quite hardcore but had little peaks of the nomadic ss10 collection peaking through... I always like when a show draws references to the past season as it makes the transition into the new season softer. I loved the models hair... flowy extension to one side and super short on the other - quite dramatic with a punk meets native kind of feel.
The signature leather and survival gear pocket details were present in almost every entrance - and paired with flowy jersey and long tailored sleeveless jackets made for an interesting silhouette. Hardcore and poetic at the same time. I really like the way Julius infuses tailored pieces into a hardcore setting - its tricky to do just right. This was definately spot on.
The Gotik era and travels through historical Prague that inspired the designer for this collection was evident.

After the show I was invited to take part in an on camera interview for a short film that will run on Julius’ website...I dont know when but it was fun taking part.

I tried to take some pictures... but as the models were moving so fast and my camera skills are not very high class... it came out quite hazy.
Click photo for a larger view.

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