Sunday, 24 January 2010


Today I have 3 shows to see in Paris... first up is Boris Bidjan Saberi.
The collection is called Primitive Sculpture and is presented with this note: " It's an evolution from a primitive wood statue of sculpture modeling a human body. Straight and angular, rough and rigid. Maintaining the eleven elements of Boris Bidjan Saberi".

He showed in a smaller venue in the Marais and due to the size of the gallery it was really packed. He had 10 entries and mixed nude like colors into the black universe that we usually would expect him to deliver. Strong and sharp coats and jackets covered a more layered look making for a stronger and much more geometric appearance than last season.
I am excited to see the complete collection in the showroom next week as he always has so much more available including loads of jersey and knit pieces that does not appear on the actual show.

My pictures really show how intimate the venue was...

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Anonymous said...

Oh my Gosh, amazing collection. I regret I'm not a man! Thanks for writing from Paris.