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KJAER WEIS is a visionary and forward-thinking cosmetics brand created by Danish-born, New York based make-up artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis that alters the perception of modern cosmetics. KJAER WEIS recognizes health and beauty equally by fulfilling the desire and demand for color cosmetics made with the highest quality safe, natural and organic ingredients without compromising on luxury or contemporary design. The result is truly modern: clean formulations inside, design packaging on the outside.
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For the packaging Kirsten approached renowned designer Marc Atlan to collaborate on the KW line, having long respected his award winning designs with companies such as Helmut Lang and Comme des Garcons. The result is beautiful !

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Growing up in the countryside in Denmark, paved the way for an interest in living with respect for nature. Her strong aesthetic sense prompted a move to Paris to attend make-up school. “I’ve always loved design, art and color and its beautifying potential,” says Kirsten.

Having worked for over 15 years as a make-up artist in Europe and the US for clients including Bazaar, Vogue and Elle, Kirsten is well versed in what women want. “Too many clients sit in my chair and reel off a list of products I can’t use on them. I’m surprised that there seems to be an allergic reaction to many of the products on the market.”

Having tried and tested the alternative natural and organic beauty ranges available, Kirsten felt that women were often being asked to compromise on something: “The visual appearance of a product as well as the retail environment are huge factors in shopping for make-up,” she says. “I always wanted a line that could hold its own in terms of quality and design alongside the established brands in department stores and design boutiques.”
Seeing a void in the market for color cosmetics with clean formulations, sustainable principles, in a modern design, Kirsten embarked upon creating her own range. The result is KJAER WEIS, launching spring 2010 – an edition of modern color cosmetics in elegant packaging that women will want to return to time and again.

KJAER WEIS: The Collection
Through her work as a make-up artist, Kirsten has steadily refined and edited the colors she uses to evolve a wardrobe of shades that have become the foundation of her make-up kit. “When I’m working, I often go back to very specific neutral shades that I’ve worked with over and over, as I know these will make every woman look her best,” says Kirsten. It is these specially created, tried and trusted colors that form the launch range for KJAER WEIS.

“When working as a make-up artist, I like the lips to look ‘modern’: not overly lipstick-y; moist, not shiny; a beautiful finish without looking made-up. I usually apply the lipstick with my fingers. It gives a contemporary, effortless look that I think many women desire.”

KJAER WEIS Cream Blush
“A cream blush makes you glow; it brightens the eyes and gives a youthful, sun-kissed look, almost like coming back from a brisk walk. I apply it to the apple of the cheek and it melts with the warmth of the fingers. Cream blush enlivens the skin, allowing the woman to stand out, not just her make-up.”

“The KJAER WEIS formula blends well and stays on beautifully without creasing. All are earthy tones, with a subtle pearl finish. Kirsten created these specific neutral shades of light beige, taupe, brown and grayish black, to flatter different eye colors. “Whether subtle or dramatic these specially created shades will always highlight and flatter a woman’s natural beauty,” says Kirsten.

KJAER WEIS: The Formulas
Kirsten chose one of Europe’s leading organic manufacturers to partner with on the creation and formula for KJAER WEIS. The raw materials, natural preservatives and pigments are extracted from minerals, plants and wild flowers specifically chosen for their color, scent and natural properties that have an affinity with the skin. “I love how the pure beauty and energy of these plants enhances the beauty of the wearer,” says Kirsten. Raw materials are specially ordered one year in advance to ensure that supplies are always of the highest quality.


“I believe women deserve the feeling of putting the best ingredients on their skin that the body actually celebrates and resonates with, not something it’s trying to fight,” says Kirsten.

Carnauba wax, from the Copernicia prunifera, a native Brazilian palm with natural hypoallergenic, moisturizing and emollient properties.

Beeswax, produced by female worker bees.

Vanilla. The scent of vanilla is believed to stimulate the release of the neurotransmitter serotonin, triggering feelings of arousal and satisfaction.

Rose, Honeysuckle and Gardenia are used as natural preservatives and anti aging properties.

Omission list: no parabens, petrochemical emulsifiers, synthetic colors and fragrances. KJAER WEIS is 95% organic, certified by CCPB (Consorzio per il Controllo dei Prodotti Biologici), the Italian organic certifying authority.

KJAER WEIS: The Compacts

“The visual and aesthetic parts of daily life are vitally important to me. Consciously or unconsciously, design affects us all,” says Kirsten.

Following the green consumer’s mantra of ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ Kirsten was driven to apply these principles to the KJAER WEIS range without compromising on its appearance. She added the principle of ‘recharge’ to that mantra as all the KJAER WEIS minimally packaged compacts are refillable. “I wanted something unique, modern, forward thinking but also socially responsible,” she explains.

For the packaging Kirsten approached renowned designer Marc Atlan to collaborate on the KW line, having long respected his award winning designs with companies such as Helmut Lang and Comme des Garcons.

Red lacquered grain-textured boxes that look like little jewelry cases house the bold metal compacts with their white enameled KW logo. Each compact for Lip, Cheek and Eye has its own unique shape and together, look like a collection of sleek, modernist jewelry.

“Marc introduced me to a material called Zamac, an alloy of zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper,” says Kirsten. “It was a conscious choice due to its elegance, natural beauty and weight which, along with the closing click of the compact is like the sound of a classic Mercedes door closing. Although this metal is not recyclable, the compacts are refillable and the nature of the metal means that they gain a beautiful patina with age,” she says.

Each compact comes with your chosen color. Refill pans are available in customized, simple paper cartons that are functional yet beautiful and are fully recyclable so care has been taken to maintain sustainability principles as well as high design standards.


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