Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Since I unfortunately announced this collaboration a bit too early about a month ago I have been hesitant about announcing new information - but now its all official... The collection will be delivered in PARISTEXAS ( and other stores worldwide ) in the beginning of january.
We had a storm of emails when I first blogged about it - and we kept all your reservations. So, not to worry if you already contacted us back then, then you are still on the waiting list and we will get in touch once the goods have been delivered..

Surface to Air is a creative company known for its ongoing projects with contemporary art, music, fashion and
photography. Following in the footsteps of successful collaborations with Justice and Sølve Sundsbø, we are
pleased to carry on the tradition of sharing in the creative process with like minded artists by announcing a limited
collection of twelve new iconic pieces in conjunction with Kings of Leon.
Over the past year, Surface to Air and KOL have become fast friends and genuine fans of each others work while
developing a mutual respect and admiration for one and others creative point of view.
It is with this artistic integrity and in the spirit of sharing and collaboration that we are happy to introduce this
capsule collection “S2A x KOL”.


Lindsey Balest said...

I'm from Massachusetts, USA is there any way i can buy these clothes online, or in a store near me?


As PARISTEXAS is an independent shop in Copenhagen and this is an infoblog for that particular shop, I have no idea how the collection is distributed in the US - I suggest you take a look at the surface to air or the KOL website, they probably share that info there.
PARISTEXAS does have an online shop and we ship worldwide - however due to the overwhelming response we have had I suspect that the order will be sold out before it hits the online shop. You can contact the shop directly on info@paristexas.dk if you wish to be waitlisted to shop by mail/ banktransfer.
The collection is due to be delivered in the beginning of january.

José jean louis said...

Even the leather jacket will be Sold out ?

Do you thnik i will be luckier with the surface to air store in Paris ?

Thank you.


I cannot answer that question... we have many people on waiting list but of course I dont know if they will all go through with a purchase... If you want us to contact you when we have the collection, send us an email at info@paristexas.dk

Steven said...

I'm from sunny ol' England, and have no idea how to get these though I would love to own them! also is there a price list anywhere?


Once the collection is delivered mid january there will be a pricelist and further info available here. We do ship worldwide and will be able to take your order by email if you wish. You can always contact us at info@paristexas.dk if you have any questions.

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