Friday, 11 September 2009


Yesterday I visited the NYC studio of Derrick Cruz who is behind Black Sheep and Prodigal Sons to have a look at his work. It turned out to be very interesting as he is a very dedicated artist who is all about the personality and the story behind his work. So we had a talk about alchemy, astral projection and fossils - not that I have much to bring to the table on those topics but he certainly did. Each piece is handmade in his Lower East Side studio using precious metals, mammoth tooth, ivory from vintage pianos, horse hair and other interesting materials... He seemed to be taking exactly the time needed to perfectly finish everything - no matter how long it would take... He even makes beautiful jewelry boxes that can take up to 6 months to finish ( for 1 box).
He makes his own shellac and told me that it is sensitive to things like the weather conditions and sometimes if the humidity is wrong he wont be able to lacquer for 2 weeks and the work comes to a standstill... thats what I call patience and dedication !
Also among the pieces was a vintage refurbished razor knife with a secret lens embedded in the ivory handle - when you peek into the tiny lens you see a vintage pornography picture... very cool and sneaky detail.
I placed an order for PARISTEXAS for a selection of the jewelry ( he makes some amazing silver mens rings and necklaces) and a few of the special items ( including a silver ashtray made from a human jaw! ). The selection will be available in the shop come december.
A really exciting thing is that Derrick will make a few special pieces for PARISTEXAS as well... but the details of that is a secret for now !

Below is a few pictures I took at the studio and a picture of a camera shy Derrick...and a few pic from last nights Odyn Vovk show where Derricks pieces where featured.

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